Trade Marketing

Trade Marketing

trade marketingTrade Marketing is the frequently misunderstood, and often totally overlooked “other marketing” discipline. Yet for many firms, it is every bit as critical to their business as product marketing and brand marketing – and deserves to be considered on its own merits.

Quite simply, trade marketing is an area of marketing that concentrates exclusively on the supply chain. It is how a business can ensure that they establish a system that efficiently and successfully takes their product – and their brand – exactly where they want it to go.

Now What? Studio is among the rare marketing firms in the industry that completely understands this type of marketing every bit as much as they do marketing designed to reach the consumer directly. Our trade marketing specialists can help your company with each one of the following (and much more):

Trade Marketing Strategy

In between finding out exactly which channels offer you the most opportunities and how to make the best use of your sales team’s time, a solid Trade Marketing Strategy can serve as a solid blue print to help you reach everybody that you need to. Our team will help you create this plan based on your unique brand, offerings, and goals.

Customer Classification

Not all prospects and customers are created equal – nor do they deliver the same value to your bottom line. Our team at Now What? Studio team will help you identify who offers what and exactly how they should be approached in regards to marketing.

Trade Programs & Events

Your visibility at industry events and exhibitions may be critical to the success of your product and the development of your supply chain. You do however need the most effective marketing materials to back up your sales pitches. Now What? Studio can help you create the brochures, sales kits, promotional items and even business cards that you require in order to successfully get your message across to the right people.

Putting Now What Studio It All Together

The marketing team at Now What? Studio have the kind of diverse trade marketing experience you need – and we bring all of that to the table.

Several of our staff members have worked on projects for many of the world’s best known product lines and have sharpened their skills directly with your key customers – and in the field – not in a classroom. This wealth of experience is now available to your company.

Discover exactly how we can help improve your bottom line with a Free 30 Minute Consultation with our Team. Yes, it’s that easy.