Social Media for Small Businesses

Social Media for Small Businesses

social media for small businessesDid you know that there are different guidelines for social media marketing if you own or operate a small business or corporation?

Although it’s important for you to engage with your target audience as if your company was a real person – the truth is of course, that your company is not a human – therefore the guidelines for social media for small businesses are much different than they would be for people. Not understanding these critical distinctions could mean the difference between (1) a social media campaign that is very successful and (2) one that fails miserably – or even worse – gets your company banned from a key social network entirely.

At Now What? Studio we make it a top priority keep up-to-date on the latest best practices, regulations and algorithm modifications that every single social media channel is subject to. We invest a lot of time compiling all of these details so that our clients don’t need to – and then we pass that know-how on to you. Even more important, we ensure that these insights are executed flawlessly via a comprehensive social media marketing plan that will develop incredibly valuable connections for company, and for you as well.

Save Valuable Time

One more significant problem that companies face regarding social media for small businesses is exactly how time consuming it turns out to be. Who really has the time these days to keep up with 4 or 5 (and possibly many more) social media networks on a day-to-day basis when you’re already running a small business? We’re guessing that this probably isn’t the best use of your valuable time.

That’s where we can help. Now What? Studio will help you discover the very best tools to keep on top of your social media marketing campaigns without it using up so much of your valuable time. To assist you even more, we’ll also provide you with an expert “helping hand” to keep up your social media voice for you to make sure that you can focus on what you do best – which is running your business.  This guarantees that your business will become all that your expanding social media audience anticipates it to be.

Understanding the Numbers

Now What Studio Nowadays, simply making random posts on random social networks just won’t cut it. You have to understand precisely what the ROI is on your social media efforts. For example, what exactly do all those Likes actually mean? Just how essential are Retweets? Exactly how many followers or fans are enough? How can you figure out the actual ‘value’ of your social media marketing connections?

Having a good understanding of your social media analytics is much more than simply understanding which tools to utilize in order to measure them. It’s also very much about understanding exactly how to analyze all of those numbers when you do have them before you – and exactly how to act upon them to boost your bottom-line.

As your expert guide to the ever-changing world of social media for small businesses, we will demonstrate to you not just how it’s done – but we’ll also tell you exactly what you can do to change or modify your social media campaigns whenever you feel that things are not going as well as you had planned.

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