Snapchat Passes 4 Billion Video Views Per Day

Social media messaging app Snapchat has recently announced a significant milestone. Users of the the popular mobile app now view over 4 billion videos per day. This ties it with the daily views that Facebook revealed in April 2015. Here’s more via

What’s most interesting about the feat is that Snapchat has reached this milestone after clocking 2 billion video views per day in May this year and 3 billion just five weeks ago. The numbers clearly indicate the rapid growth of the company and its potential to help businesses reach more customers.

Implications for Businesses/Advertisers

There’s a bit of controversy however, regarding the 4 Billion daily views comparison with Facebook. Facebook counts a view when someone watches at least 3 seconds of autoplay in it’s News feed. Whereas Snapchat counts it upon click – and the experience is very different – with Snapchat grabbing the viewers attention by playing the video Full-screen, and for only 10 seconds. This makes for much stronger engagement with the viewer.

For businesses and advertisers, this validates that the views are likely real – something that they would pay more for (vs. Facebook). In addition, the ability to set a time limit allows you to create a unique call-to-action that creates true excitement.

The growing popularity of the app is motivating both Snapchat – and tech savvy businesses – to come up with creative ways to make the platform even more effective and engaging.

This incredible 4 Billion daily view achievement by Snapchat is catching the eye of all those businesses and entrepreneurs sitting on the sidelines thinking about or planning to develop a mobile app and capitalize on what could be just the beginning of another profitable run in the social messaging mobile app space.