Radio Advertising Costs

Radio Advertising

Radio, in one form or another, is still very much alive and well.  As a matter of fact, according to a recent research study by Nielsen, 92% of adults in the U.S. still tune into at least one AM/FM radio station each week, with the typical person spending around 2 hrs and 41 minutes each day listening in. That’s why exploring radio advertising costs and perhaps including a radio advertising campaign to your total advertising and marketing strategy is something that every small business may seriously want to consider.

radio advertising costsShould Your Business Advertise on Radio?

Radio advertising is a possibility that any company should consider these days – especially for retail and for service businesses where it has proven to be especially effective. Radio gives you the ability to reach potential customers at very important times:  when they are in the car going shopping or traveling to and from work;  Deciding just what they should eat for dinner; or planning to go out and do that night or weekend for entertainment.  In these situations, radio advertising can in fact (pun intended) literally “drive” business right to your door.

Exploring radio advertising costs and a possible radio ad campaign for your company could be a great idea even if you’re currently advertising through various other mediums – like TV or Print – due to the fact that radio can offer an incredibly effective “one-two punch”. For instance, your prospective customer could watch your TV commercial in the evening; and then listen to your radio commercial in the morning. This gives them two powerful reminders about your company.

When, Where & How Much?

In regards to radio advertising costs there several questions that should be answered when a company is thinking about if, when, and exactly how to introduce a brand-new radio campaign. As an example, are you seeking to reach a local or a nationwide audience? Are your consumers tuning into sports or general talk radio? What about Country, R&B, Rock, or Alternative? Are you trying to connect with Men or Women; African-Americans audiences or Hispanic-Americans? What times are they most likely to be listening? Each one of these questions, and many more, should be answered as precisely as possible in order for any kind of radio advertising campaign to be a success.

This is where Now What? Studio’s experience helps.

Now What Studio Our seasoned research team will collaborate very closely with you, as well as with our media buying team, to help decide where and when – or even if – radio advertising is appropriate for your business. Our highly-skilled media buying group will then help you reduce your radio advertising costs dramatically by negotiating the lowest possible prices for your selected stations and time slots.

Radio is certainly not the most appropriate advertising medium for every single company – but for most it can be extremely effective. Join us for a Free Advertising consultation and we will help you decide if radio should be a part of your plan. Or give us a call at 678-404-9428.