Product Branding

Product Branding

product brandingIt usually starts out like this: You had a fantastic concept, and you transformed that into an even better product. You thought of a brilliant name, and put the product in really cool-looking packaging. You even have a tagline. So now your product is definitely ready for prime-time.

Or perhaps not.

Each one of the points we just discussed above are essential, but they are just the beginning. Product branding is about much more than eye-catching visuals and a snappy tagline.

It is seldom that these factors alone, will motivate a new customer to choose your product. Instead, their choice will be based upon their overall psychological reaction to it. A comprehensive branding strategy is required if you want to make sure that consumers will connect with your product on a deeper emotional level. This is something that involves targeted research, time and skill.

Staffed with a group of brilliant Creatives who have collaborated with many of the biggest Fortune 500 companies in the world, Now What? Studio is more than equipped to handle this task. They have worked on the branding process for many of the most recognized products commonly found on your local retail store shelves. And now they are providing that same level of experience and skill to smaller companies that may be Fortune 500 bound – like yours.

The Product Branding Process Revealed

Before you even need to start focusing on dimensions, colors, or typefaces, when you meet with the team at Now What? Studio we will collaborate with you one-on-one to develop a comprehensive branding strategy for your product. To accomplish this, we will work together to explore:

  • Who are the individuals that you developed this product for?
  • What is the compelling story behind this product…Exactly why does it exist?
  • What is it that makes your product distinct from anything else in the marketplace?
  • Where should your product be positioned in order to connect with your target audience most effectively?

Now What Studio AvatarHaving uncovered the answers to these as well as other critical issues, we will then work with you to create and execute a product branding strategy that simply delivers. When you work with us, you will have complete access to the entire Now What? Studio team, including graphic designers, copywriters, public relations experts and social media marketing specialists. Each one of them will work together as a team to create the strongest product branding concepts and strategies you can imagine.

Reach out to us for a Free 30 Minute Consultation and as your partner, we will ensure that your product receives all the attention it so rightly deserves!