Customer Data Like Never Before

We recently launched a Major Update of our mobile app source code, that we’re calling “North Park”. This release brings with it customer data like never before – and showcases fantastic new features including all-new App Onboarding, actionable Customer Data, PWA Analytics, an improved ROI Dashboard and overhauled Push Notification Management.

You’ll discover that our new North Park release allows you to understand who your customers are and how they interact with your business. It allows you to use this real-time data to build out your marketing strategy and grow your business in 2018 and beyond.

What’s New:

  • New App User On-boarding (Walkthrough & Sign Up)
  • New Customers Data Page
  • New Groups (Previously known as Membership) Add-on & features
  • New ROI Dashboard
  • New Additional Web App (PWA) & Devices App Analytics
  • New Single Push Notifications

In an effort to keep you informed and up-to-date on the rollout of the North Park Release, we have created this page right here to help you – and will be sending you additional information as needed.


New App User Onboarding (Walkthrough & Sign-up)

Onboarding is one of the most critical phases in an app user’s journey. App Onboarding is the first point of contact and, therefore, the key to making a great first impression. App Onboarding allows your business to strategically communicate with your users, as well as facilitate a positive user experience.

Our new App Onboarding provides a simple and seamless walkthrough that educates the user on the value of the app, as well as it’s feature permission requests. At the end of the walkthrough, users have the option to sign-up for the app and create their own profile. This type of onboarding is known as benefits-oriented onboarding and demonstrates the value the users will get from the app, in an attempt to encourage conversion.

User onboarding is a must for small businesses in order to gain customer insights by:

  • Delivering a seamless user experience
  • Enabling an easy-win lead gen tool
  • Putting a name and face to your customers

​For more information on the Walkthrough feature, visit our Help Desk article on How to configure the Walkthrough Feature.

For more information on the Sign-Up | Log-in feature, visit our Help Desk article on How to configure the Sign-Up Feature.

For more information on how the Loyalty feature utilizes our new sign-up functionality, visit our Help Desk article on How to Build the Loyalty Feature.

For more information on how the Reservation feature utilizes our new sign-up functionality, visit our Help Desk article on How to Build the Reservation Feature.


New Customers Data Page​

Do you know what your customers want and need from your business? Collecting customer data allows you to answer these questions. In fact, marketers say that data is the single most important key in your marketing strategy. Without data, you don’t know who you are marketing to and, as a result, you don’t know if you are reaching your target customers.

The new Customer Page enables you to see all of your app customers and their behavior, so you can make business decisions and take actions accordingly. Whether its favoriting users, exporting data for reporting, or sending individual push notifications, it can all be accomplished here. We’ve been gathering data for some time now and now you get access to all this goodness in an easy-to-grasp format.

For more information on the new Customers Page, visit our Help Desk article on How to use the Customers Page.


New Groups (Previously Membership) Add-on & Features​

Under the same tab, you will also be able to manage specific groups you have created. With the reworked Group Management you can define groups, assign users to those groups and control group access via login and password authentication. It’s useful for any situation where you need to restrict access to certain features of your app or limit the app usage to a specific group of users.

For more information on the new Groups Add-on, visit our Help Desk article on How to set up the Groups Add-On.


All-New App Analytics​

With the advancements in our PWA product, we have improved the app analytics views to include PWA analytics. We also added more detail to the data to help you better understand how your business’ app is performing. We’ve overhauled our Analytics Dashboard to make the reporting as clear and simple as possible so it’s easy to understand how and where your app is being used. In addition, find out how much time users spend in your app and which features are most popular. Finally, get insights into the global impact your app has.

For more information on the new App Analytics page, visit our Help Desk article on How to View Your In-App Analytics.


New ROI Dashboard​

Our brand new ROI Dashboard allows you to get a birds eye view of your app’s usage, activity, and revenue. This dashboard is customizable, allowing you to add and remove modules so you can instantly view the information that is most important to your business. Each module also includes a quick link to dive into the appropriate page.

For more information on the new ROI Dashboard, visit our Help Desk article on Understanding and Customizing your Dashboard.


Messaging Just Got Better​

In order to re-engage your customers more effectively, our Push Notifications have been completely rethought. The dashboard looks exactly like an email inbox does, so you intuitively know how to use it. You can now easily track sent and upcoming messages, including drafts. To top it all off, we have released Single Push Notifications so you can send push notes to individuals with ease. You can specifically target big spenders or loyal customers, in order to increase repeat visits. It is now easier than ever to segment and engage customers through your app.

For more information on sending Push Notification messages, visit our Help Desk article on How to Send Push Notifications.


iPhone X Support ​

Hooray for all those shiny new gadgets!  This new release is optimized with Apple’s new iPhone X – so your users who have the latest smartphone from Apple, will still have the premium user experience that they are used to.


Other Notable Improvements

Back by popular demand, transparent feature buttons. Now available by adjusting the Alpha layer (A) in the Menu Color picker.

Also, Feature titles now auto adjust size to avoid truncation. You will notice that the feature titles on your homescreen will all adjust in size to do their best to fit the longest feature name you are attempting to display. No more truncating key features like “Rewar…”

If you have any additional questions regarding the North Park release, feel free to contact us anytime!