Money Back Guarantee

No More Empty Promises

“Money Back Guarantee” is an assurance that’s tossed around a little too frequently and a little too casually nowadays. Way too many businesses use this as a hook to lure folks in, but if anybody actually ever requests their money back? Whoa! Panic sets in and then excuses start to pour out…

money back guarantee (346x346)“Oh, did we mention a money back guarantee? We’re Sorry. But if you review the very, very, very, very fine print – this only actually applies if you happened to sign up with us on a Wednesday, after 6pm, which it seems you didn’t do.” or some other such nonsense.

A Simple, No Strings Guarantee

The Money Back Guarantee associated with our Now What? Studio My Agency program however, does not work like that. There is no fine print, no contracts, and no special conditions.

What we want is for every one of our clients to succeed – and to be delighted and satisfied with the services that we give them. So the Money Back Guarantee that we offer is very simple: If you’re not satisfied with how everything is working out, we will give you back your My Agency monthly fee. There’s no strings attached. And there won’t be any arguments.

Start Now, Risk Nothing

Regardless of what level you decide to join us at, the Money Back Guarantee we have at Now What? Studio stands. So truly, you have absolutely nothing to lose by signing-up today. But you have great deal to gain.

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