Mobile Web Development

Mobile Web Development

These days, consumers rely upon the mobile web more and more to research products & services, make buying decisions – and yes, even purchase items directly from their cell phone or mobile device. So now more than ever before, its absolutely critical for every business to have a strong mobile presence. But what exactly are the components of a great mobile website? And when it comes to Mobile Web Development, what things do you need in order to take full advantage of your mobile real estate?

Can I Make My Own Mobile Website?

Many business owners don’t even consider looking for a firm who specializes in mobile web development because they have been told that developing a mobile web site themselves is simple (and cheap) because of all of the ‘build your very own mobile website’ services turning up nowadays.

But the fact is, a truly effective one-size fits-all mobile solution simply doesn’t exist – despite what those DIY Mobile Web Site ads may claim. A generic mobile web site is just as unprofessional and unattractive as a traditional ‘DIY Website’ is – which is something that wise business owners have learned to stay clear of years ago.

The Changing Landscape

For the very first time, more individuals access the web on a mobile device than on a computer.  So its possible that more people are actually looking at your website from their smart phone – than from their home or office desktop computer. Can you honestly say that your mobile website presence is just impressive (both in looks and function) as your regular website?  The best way to guarantee that is to develop a custom-made mobile web site, that was created from the ground up – just for your unique company.

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Explore Your Options

Now What Studio You have many options in regards to mobile web development. Do you desire a dedicated mobile web site that is totally different from your ‘main’ web site – that mobile customers are instantly redirected to? Or do you just want to dive right in and redesign your existing website utilizing the latest responsive design technology to make absolutely sure your site effortlessly accommodates every single one of your website’s visitors – no matter what kind of device they use to access your site?

And what about a dedicated mobile app? Could your business benefit from that as well?

As a firm with considerable experience with mobile web development, Now What? Studio can assist you in making these important decisions based on the specific needs of your business. Then, once we agree on a strong mobile development strategy, the vast talents of each one of our Mobile Web Developers, SEO Experts, Graphic Designers, and our Marketing Strategists will be available to collaborate and develop a mobile website presence for your company that will leverage the most significant technological shift since the beginning of the Internet.

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