Mobile Optimized Website

Mobile Optimized Website

What your company’s website looks like – and the way that it functions – has become increasingly important to the overall success of your business each and every day. So if you’re satisfied with your current website, congratulations. But let me ask you a question. Have you tried to access your very own site from your smart phone? If your website is not optimized for mobile yet, the odds are that it’s not a pleasant sight or an enjoyable experience for your customers or prospects.

What Exactly is a Mobile Optimized Website & Why Do I Need One?

optimized for sizeLots of people really don’t know exactly what a mobile optimized website is, not to mention why in the world they need to have one. The major issue here is that what looks incredible when seen on your Desktop Computer or Laptop most likely looks a mess on a considerably smaller mobile phone. That is, if the customer can get the website to even load correctly at all.

So what’s this experience like? Well, imagine your prospect or customer uses an iPhone. The iPhone uses the Safari web browser and doesn’t support Flash. So if this user went to your “normal” website it would probably take FOREVER for the site to come up – and when it did, the user would not be able to see any of the Flash images you may have on the website. Also the fonts/typefaces that you used will probably appear very small, unless they tap-tap-tap like mad to try and zoom in.

Do you really think anyone – especially a fickle online surfer – has the patience for that? No, they will just leave in frustration, and you could have just lost a paying customer.

Take a look at these eye-opening statistics. As of 2013:

  • 80% of mobile users utilize their phone to compare prices for the various products they are interested in
  • 65% of mobile phone users also utilize their smart phones to check out product reviews
  • 50% of these mobile phone searches result in a purchase
  • Regarding local search – an incredible 95% of mobile users have utilized their browser to search for local business info.
    • 61% of those individuals will in fact call that business.
    • 59% of them will visit the business – and will do this within 24 hrs of their preliminary search.

So ask yourself this: can you really afford to miss out on all those prospective customers? Of course not. That’s exactly why you ought to have a mobile optimized website.

Your Choices for Mobile Website Optimization

As mobile internet use has continued to skyrocket, web site owners now have 2 options regarding mobile website optimization. They could decide to have a different version of their site developed only for mobile or they can choose to have a website redesign that incorporates the principal of responsive design: which involves having one single website design that looks great across all:

  • Device Platforms (e.g. Desk top, Laptop, Smart phone, Tablet)
  • Internet Browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari)
  • Display Orientations (Horizontal or Portrait)

And the great news is that, depending on your needs and what you prefer, Now What? Studio can provide both. Get in Touch with us anytime for specifics and a Free consultation on your website development needs.