Logo Redesign

Logo Redesign

There’s very little that’s as closely connected with your brand than your company logo. From the very first day that your business opened its doors, your logo has been an essential tool that you used to communicate your corporate message and help differentiate you from the competition.

logo redesignOver time, you have worked really hard to develop your brand; and now your company may actually be a success. So why would you even think about giving your logo—and consequently your brand—a transformation?

Well you should know that plenty of other businesses have been in your shoes, including several of the largest and most recognized brands in the world. One of these, Starbucks, has undergone a logo redesign several times – and has not only survived – but even thrived because of it.

There are a variety of excellent reasons for any business to consider a logo redesign. For a small to medium sized company it may be that the logo you started out with no longer represents the business that you have grown into; or perhaps that your logo simply looks out-dated.

Or maybe you’re introducing a new product that will dramatically transform your brand image. Or it could be that the logo you have now is simply not connecting with consumers like you had planned.

Regardless of the reason you are thinking of getting a brand new logo design, Now What? Studio is right here to help.

Now What Studio AvatarThe graphic designers at Now What? Studio have many decades of combined experience in all aspects of corporate graphic design, including logo development and redesign services. As a part of your preliminary consultation they will meet with you to go over exactly what you hope a logo redesign will do for your business and will integrate your ideas into the redesign.

The very best logo redesigns will do one main thing: Provide a sharper idea of who you are and exactly what you offer – without pushing away those faithful customers that are used to the “old” you. And that is just what Now What? Studio will accomplish. Contact us anytime for ideas to help your brand continue to grow and prosper!