Letterhead Design

Letterhead Design

Letterhead DesignIt’s a well known fact that consistent and effective branding is one of the secrets to success for any business.

So when it comes to the letterhead that you decide to use for your company – it should communicate to your customers that you’re stable and professional, and should make a firm declaration about what your business does best.

With that said, let’s take a minute to think about what your letterhead says about you. Is it sending out the right message or is it falling short? Is it failing to make that essential ‘great first impression’ that every business needs?

The 3 Building Blocks for Success

So what exactly are the elements for effective letterhead design? Our experience at Now What? Studio has revealed that the following components can help turn something as seemingly straight-forward as letterhead, into a crowned jewel in your branding toolbox:

Keep it Simple

It’s essential to keep in mind that letterhead is just a delivery tool, not the message itself. It is the supporting framework that delivers the message that you want to send.

What this means is that the best business letterhead looks and feels great when you hold it or look at it on-screen, and is never in competition with the message that is printed on it.

Be Multimedia Friendly

It used to be that a firm’s letterhead was something that you only saw and used as a physical piece of printed paper. But nowadays, you are very likely to use this design as part of a Microsoft Word template to produce various documents straight from your computer. So when you select a letterhead design it should be able to be used for different types of media. It needs to look as great on-screen in a digital format, as it does when it you first get it back from your Printer.

Stay Consistent with Your Brand

Remember that your letterhead may be the first time that a prospect has ever had contact with your company, so it must be a great representation of your brand as a whole. Therefore your logo – and your tagline if you have one – should be prominently featured; and the style, colors and design used should be consistent with the other pieces you’ve developed for your marketing.

Now What Studio So as you have seen, effective letterhead design involves much more than merely including a name and address on a piece of paper. As design experts with substantial and diverse experience in the world of corporate graphic design, the team here at Now What? Studio completely understands that and will collaborate with you one-on-one to develop a letterhead design that improves your overall brand rather than take away from it. Reach out to us anytime at 678-404-9428 or take us up on our Free Branding Consultation or No-Cost Go-To-Market Plan.