iOS App Development

iOS App Development

ios app development Connect with the iPhone Generation

Two-thirds of consumers in the U.S. now own smartphones – and a huge number of them are made by just one company: Apple. The iPhone, in spite of the massive competition it deals with, is still thought by most to be THE #1 smartphone to own.  It’s design, style, and innovative track record makes it a true cultural and international leader – particularly amongst younger and trend-setting consumers.

Due to the fact that the iPhone is so extremely popular and in-demand, placing your company’s mobile app in the App Store will definitely create a significantly large and brand-new audience for your products and services. However, the process to get your getting an app approved by Apple and included into the App Store is not easy. Usually only an individual or firm with experience in iOS app development can accomplish that extremely critical task.

iOS versus Android

There are 2 major markets for smartphone apps in the US: the Apple App Store and also Google Play for Android Apps. Like the Android OS itself, the Android application market is open source, and adding your app into its marketplace is a reasonably simple procedure.

However, that’s not the same situation if you are looking for Apple to accept your mobile app. At Apple, their standards regarding quality are considerably higher. Their technical specifications are also completely different. Because of this, it’s not very likely that a mobile app produced by one of those ‘make your very own free app’ sites that are popping up will ever be approved, as they won’t be able to comply with Apple’s rigorous requirements.

At Now What? Studio our iOS app development group has been developing iOS apps since the start of the App Store. They view it as a badge of honor that the iOS apps they develop are continually at the standards required to be approved by Apple Review Board and included in the App Store.

Now What Studio The Very Best of Both Worlds

The iOS app development team here at Now What? Studio does much more than just produce the finest iOS apps for companies in any type of niche. They also develop apps for Android as well.

This guarantees that the user experience when is consistent, smooth, and instinctive – regardless of the platform/system they use: iOS or Android. By selecting us as your app development partner, you will without a doubt, get the best of both worlds.

Let’s talk about the amazing possibilities.