Interactive Ad by Coca-Cola Mimics Your Facial Expressions!

Have a Coke (a Wink) and a Smile

When it comes to technology, facial recognition and emoji’s are two trends that have made great gain in popularity recently. Quick to capitalize on this is global advertising leader Coca-Cola, who just released a “Coke-moji” interactive ad campaign in Sweden that consists of a digital billboard that actually winks and smiles back at you when you do!

Few tech trends have exploded as fast in recent years as facial recognition and emojis, and now Coca-Cola is bringing them together for an interactive billboard.

While facial-recognition software is probably going to be fairly commonplace in public spaces someday, right now, the technology certainly still has a “wow factor,” and Coke’s ad shows that the implications of facial recognition can go far beyond mobile and social.

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This is a great interactive ad execution – and shows just how far you can go when you blend technology with creativity to create effective advertising that strategically and literally engages with your target audience.