How to Market a Product

How to Market a Product

So you’ve created the next great gadget – or developed the perfect item that is absolutely different than anything that has ever been seen before.

Your testers are crazy about it, so you are certain that there are tons of consumers out there who will love it as much as they do, and will pay for the privilege of owning one. Now here’s the million dollar question: How are you going to reach all these people to let them know all about your amazing discovery? Answer: You have to first learn How to Market a Product.

iphone 6 adMany people think that having an excellent product is enough to succeed. Your satisfied customers will tell their good friends about it, they close people will buy the product, love it (of course), and then the process will go on and on.

…If only it was that easy.

Unfortunately, there have been numerous products that showed tremendous promise – have launched and failed miserably – because there was no compelling marketing plan to support them.

Let’s take Samsung for example. They developed a full-featured way before Apple, so why has the iPhone 6 proven to be much more successful?

Because Apple’s marketing strategies are so much better. The Apple brand is viewed as being better. They understand their target market incredibly well, and they understand the best ways to connect with them. And that is precisely the formula that any company needs to have to ensure that their product is a success in the marketplace.

Great vs. “First”

Now What Studio At the end of the day, great marketing will always beat out industry “firsts”. The difference here is not about launch marketing – it’s about your Branding. Building the Brand behind your product, on an on-going basis, is just as critical to your long-term success.

At Now What? Studio our team has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, developing marketing campaigns for products that you may have heard of – like Coca-Cola, Heineken, Pillsbury, Tic Tac, and Mrs. Smith’s, to name a few.

So what is it that causes you to naturally reach for Coca-Cola on the grocery shelves instead of the store brand equivalent? It’s many years of direct exposure to quality branding and excellent marketing. And now you can take advantage of all our Fortune 500 experience to answer the ago-old question: How to Market a Product. We’ll help you navigate the obstacles and risks of this critical business issue. Just contact us today for a Free 30 Minute Consultation.