Homepage Design

Homepage Design

I have a question for you. What do you think is the #1 thing that your site’s homepage is supposed to do for your website as a whole? The answer is in fact, rather easy: The main objective of your homepage is to entice your visitors to go to the 2nd page of your website – and closer to an actual sale. That’s why homepage design is absolutely critical to your website’s success.

homepage designConsider this for a moment…When the site visitor has decided to go much deeper into your website, they have honestly revealed to you that they are interested in what you have to offer. At that point, your site has effectively started to address that timeless retail inquiry, “Do you need help finding what you’re searching for?

But if their search begins and ends on Page 1 – then unfortunately your homepage has miserably failed.

This means that your prospect has not started to move through your sales funnel. Rather, they looked around and found no reason to dig any deeper. And they simply left. Perhaps to visit one of your competitors.

This scenario can ruin your business.

If you are involved in Internet Marketing, this should be your biggest fear: that your homepage design is just not doing its job.

Homepage Development vs. Homepage Design

If you decide to work with a freelance graphic designer to create a wonderful layout for your home page, they may in fact create a design that is really nice looking. But that’s just not enough:  Strategy and Function is just as critical to your success.

Now What Studio You see, every element on your homepage must direct your potential customers to their next location, clearly and effortlessly. They ought to never have to shove their way through a rush of clip art, badly written copy, or flash animation, just to find what they are looking for. Actually, they will never get there in the first place – because only a very small percentage of internet surfers will stand for that.  They’ll just leave.

The finest examples of effective homepage design feature a delicate balance of Form & Function; Color & Code. An effective homepage acts as a branding crown jewel for the whole website and serves as its top sales tool. And this is precisely where the graphic designers and creative strategists at Now What? Studio can help.

The team at Now What?  Studio is comprised of Graphic Designers, SEO Experts, Copywriters, Programmers, as well as Marketers, who will collaborate together to develop a unique design for your homepage that will deliver everything that it needs to – and will help bring your prospects deeper and deeper into your site – to eventually become important customers for your company.

Discover the difference an effective homepage will make with a Free 30 Minute Consultation with our design experts. Give us a call at 678-404-9428.