Five Keys To Successful Small Business Website Redesign

Today, small businesses face many different challenges every single day that can end either in success; or mean the end of a dream.

As customers rely more on the internet to find out information about products or services and to make their purchases – it’s more important than ever for a Small Business to have a website that will help build credibility and convert a higher percentage of visitors to customers. Therefore website redesign is one of the most important things a small business can do to help succeed in business.


Building a website that converts users into leads is much harder. Ryan Landis, the owner of, came to us wanting just that a new website that brought in more leads. Fast forward two months and we ended up building a site that increased leads upwards of 57%. Thats over twice as many leads monthly that they receive all because of a website redesign.

The one thing you’ll notice when you visit the contact page is that we kept the form as simple as possible. The only two mandatory form fields are the name and email. We even made each service a check box to save the user from having to write it out. The reason why we did this is because research has found that there is an inverse correlation to the amount of form fields and conversion rate. The less fields you have, the higher your conversions will be.

When designing your new site’s forms, think about only the information that is absolutely necessary for you to collect the moment the user becomes a lead. Remember, you can always collect additional information later on.

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Website redesign can be the most effective way to increase brand awareness, online sales and new customer acquisition. Simply following a few of the most successful improvement tips can mean the difference between success and failure.

  1. Create a brand.
  2. Simplify your forms.
  3. Create very clear call to actions.
  4. Make sure it loads fast.
  5. Make the content easy to read.

Lastly, remember to seek the help and guidance from a professional web designer and enjoy the journey. Working with the right professional can lead to more customers and better brand awareness for your Small Business.