Branding Package

Branding Package

In order for a company’s branding efforts to be genuinely successful, it must be consistent. Meaning that everything that the business does – including their company logo, letterhead, web site, sales brochures as well as their social networks – should feature the company branding. Because of this, the team here at Now What? Studio are always surprised and a bit concerned about how other marketing and design firms offer their branding solutions to small businesses. Why is that? We’ll tell you.

One Size Does Not Fit All

If you were to do a fast online search for ‘branding package Atlanta’ or something close to that, you’ll get quite a few results back. Most of those sites will invite you to select among several different options like a ‘Gold Package’ or a ‘Platinum Package’. Or perhaps a ‘Starter Package’ or a ‘Deluxe Package’. Or a special branding package deal that costs ‘only $X.99!’.

Letterhead DesignYou will probably also find a few ‘bundled’ offerings, where you’re asked to select the one that suits your business the best. What’s that…? You don’t see the choice that you need?  Well, you can most likely give them a call and inquire about it, but you should expect to pay a whole lot more for what you really want.

That will never ever be the situation here at Now What? Studio. In all of the many years that we’ve been serving small-to-medium sized businesses, we have never met two companies that are the exactly the same. This simply doesn’t exist. Even if you have two different locations of the same Fast-Food franchise, you will find that each one is actually different because their customers and their staff are different.

So, in recognizing that every company is unique and distinct we understand that every company simply cannot be served best if we provided these generic branding packages.

For example, say you want a new website and some brand-new business cards – but you just so happen to love your company logo…thank you very much? Those other firms offering the branding packages will be fine with not having to actually do a new logo for you – but you will still be charged for one anyway, because it’s already included in the “branding package”.

Now What Studio What we provide here at Now What? Studio is our entire team –  their diverse talents and their amazing experience. And they will listen closely to where you imagine leading your brand, what you really love about it, as of this moment – as well as what you really don’t like so much. Then they will collaborate with you to brainstorm a one-of-a-kind branding solution that suits your unique, specific requirements. Not a generic checklist. So get in touch with our Branding Specialists at 678-404-9428 for a Free Consultation or your very own Go-To-Market Branding Plan customized for your unique company.