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Atlanta Web Design

Atlanta Web DesignWhen it comes to Atlanta web design – in order for it to be genuinely successful, an effective and properly designed website must communicate the businesses brand image and skill set almost instantly – and then motivate the site visitor to explore deep into the site to discover the precise info that they were looking for.

But developing a website like this is not very easy.

In fact, a truly effective website is much more than simply a collection of eye-catching pictures, a little bit of copy, and an attractive color scheme. A website can only be successful when you work with a seasoned group of professionals that’s ready to put in the time needed to do a deep dive into your company – and uncover the unique visual and psychological triggers that will entice your target audience to take action.

We should not forget about the technical skills needed to design a site that not only functions properly – but is also compliant with the search engine crawlers that are critical to the success of any site.  Successfully delivering on each of these areas is why Now What? Studio has become one of the leading Atlanta web design providers.

The Big Picture

Without a doubt, a reliable, well-designed website is an absolute must for any company, no matter their size or industry. But once that site is completed, you must realize that this is but one piece of a much larger puzzle. Your website should become the foundation you need to construct your whole online marketing strategy upon. To do that, your Atlanta web design team must be much more than a group of talented designers. They need to be a comprehensive marketing force.

At Now What? Studio we establish long-term partnerships with our clients. We never just finish a website design, or redesign, and then just vanish. Once a site is finished, we help ensure your long-term success by including all of the appropriate social media networks you need; and developing the stream of fresh website content required to stay competitive in the Search Engine Rankings and engage your current and prospective customers.

Say Goodbye to Packages

Now What Studio Lots of Atlanta web design firms provide web design packages to their customers. They will ‘allow’ you to pick from their ‘Basic’ or their ‘Gold’ packages that include a fixed set of features. At Now What? Studio we have never understood the concept behind this. No Atlanta business is exactly like another, so how could one or two standard sets of features and functions ever cover the actual creative and strategic needs of that particular business?

The Atlanta web design offer that we provide at Now What? Studio is quite simple:  We will design and develop your web site to your specific needs; and then we’ll help you successfully leverage it to the greatest extent possible. Nothing is fixed, pre-set or pre-determined. We will develop a unique site for your unique business needs. So let’s explore the possibilities.  Book a Free 30 Minute, No-Risk Consultation or reach us at 678-404-9428.