App Development

App Development

Place Your Company in the Hands of Thousands

app development…And we quite literally mean that.

In a surge that has reached historic levels, millions of people are now using smartphones and tablets more than ever before – freeing themselves from the limitations of their desktop and laptop computers.

And they don’t even have to waste their precious data minutes to surf the Internet in order to find info regarding businesses they’re interested in, or to compare prices or product details between several different companies.

How is this possible? What is it that’s causing this amazing technological and cultural shift? I’ll give you a hint:  There’s An App For That! And although it might surprise you, small-to-medium sized businesses are actually the force that’s blazing the trail in regards to the demand for app development.

Is a Mobile App Right for Your Company?

Mobile apps for small companies is a huge development for both businesses and consumers. A business with a mobile application now has one more powerful tool to engage with both existing customers and prospective ones as well, giving them an interactive way to inform, entertain, and maintain interest in their brand. A mobile application can be lots of things; and can do lots of things. For example:

  • Restaurants – a mobile app can let consumers access menus, book tables, and get GPS directions with ease and efficiency.
  • Real Estate Brokers – a mobile app offers a means to show properties to prospective buyers prior to even talking or speaking to them.
  • Retail Businesses – collaborating with the best app development company can lead to a whole new 24/7 “storefront” available right inside of a solitary app.

As a matter of fact, practically any kind of company, in any type of niche could benefit from an app in countless profitable ways – if they partner with an app development company that truly understands just how to develop an unforgettable mobile app experience.

The Now What? Studio Advantage

Now What Studio AvatarThere are a whole lot of skilled app developers around. They could develop applications that look terrific, function effortlessly as well as include most of the fundamental components that any kind of mobile app for a company might require.

But the distinction between the majority of developers and the group at Now What? Studio is that our team of Atlanta app developers also collaborate hand-in-hand with our expert advertising and marketing team to produce an app that SELLS – in addition to LOOKS – great!

Having the ability to transform simple lines of code into a working application is not nearly enough to develop a truly effective mobile app for a company. The app must also be an integral piece of their overall advertising and marketing puzzle – which is a delicate balance that only a proven full-service marketing company like Now What? Studio can accomplish.

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