7 Community Bank Marketing Strategies You Must Know

Community Bank Marketing Strategies

If you’re a Marketing Director at a Community Bank, you probably have a lot of Now What? Moments. Constantly pulled in many directions. Juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities. Not enough staff or resources. You get the idea.

It’s during times like these when you must be clear-headed and efficient in your next steps. Sometimes the best thing is to just step back and take a moment to assess your current situation. Then you can consider the best approach and strategic marketing strategies to move forward.

Here are 7 marketing strategies that every community bank could use to help you boost performance, minimize costs, and set your priorities for success:

1. Cross-Selling/Marketing
2. Onboarding
3. Offboarding
4. Referrals
5. Community Engagement
6. Social Media Marketing
7. Content Marketing

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In addition to these 7 strategies, you should also consider New Account Acquisition strategies like:

  • New Resident Mailings
  • Digital Advertising
  • Targeted Emails
  • Data Mining

Getting It All Done

Like anything else, Implementation is Key. While a solid marketing plan is the foundation for success, you also have to successfully implement that plan in order to meet your performance objectives.

So if you have any doubt whether or not your internal team is 100% committed to the goal – or that they have the proven skill-sets needed to develop and consistently execute your community bank marketing strategies, then you owe it to yourself and your Board to bring in skilled partners who will guarantee your marketing success to help.