10 Things That Changed Advertising Over the Last 10 Years


There’s no denying that technology has made a definitive impact in our lives. In looking back over the last 10 years at the world of Advertising specifically – those of us in the business have witnessed the way that it has forever changed the how, what, when, where, and why of effectively communicating with our targeted audience.

Lizzie Wedhelm, Pandora’s senior vice president of ad product and strategy, shares her perspective on the the Top 10 major changes in advertising over the last 10 years :

I’ve witnessed many dramatic shifts in the past decade, both in our company’s evolution and in the advertising industry. I’ve compiled my own list of the 10 significant things that have changed in advertising throughout this period of time.

1. Mobile Mania
2. Data-Driven
3. Quality Matters
4. Bite-Sized Content
5. Multi-Layered Media: The Attention Economy Is Here
6. Internet of Things
7. Keep It Simple
8. Connected Kids with Real Money
9. Offline ROI in Fewer Than Three Clicks
10. Consumers are the New Spokespeople

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…And just think, we’re only getting started.  If you’re not prepared, it’s enough to put you at your wits end.

So as technology continues to evolve at lightening speed – so will the consumer – and the way that we engage and interact with them will radically change.

Often day-to-day. And in Real-Time.